Since there are more takers in the marketplace with equity than there are buyers with cash, as you move away from a cash buyer requirement, you can expect more offers on your property.

For every cash buyer there are probably 15 to 30 or more people in the marketplace who would acquire your equity using some property they own in exchange for your equity.

Obviously, you do not have to accept just any equity offered.

You can consider equity in other property.

You can see how this broadens the market for your property.

Why not expand the market for your property by considering the equity in other property.

Assume you own a six unit apartment building.

You are willing to accept land to be held for appreciation, provided that the land is in your local community.

You have broadened the market for your six units by your willingness to accept the land.

Your area preference will be somewhat of a limiting factor.

However, if you would consider land anywhere in the county, there would be more takers.

As the area acceptable to you expands, so do the numbers of interested takers.

If you are offered income property some distance from where you reside, then it is necessary to locate suitable property management.

Certain properties attract few takers even though the owner will consider an exchange for equity in other property anywhere.

Sometimes the addition of more desirable assets or equities by the owner/seller makes a transaction feasible.

The addition of trust deeds, cash, or mortgages with your equity makes the overall situation more attractive to a taker.             

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