Equity marketing means you use Equity rather than cash to purchase other properties.

Equity is the difference between market value and the loan.

Most Sellers ask for cash. Everyone understands cash, and few understand other possible alternatives.

Occasionally, there is a buyer who will pay cash for the equity.

More often a transaction requires some cash from the buyer, plus a loan from a bank or savings and loan to "Cash Out" the seller's equity.

There are fewer buyers in the marketplace today, who can qualify for the loan requirements of lenders today.

The 'cash to new loan' transaction becomes even more elusive.

People in this category pay some cash down and the seller carries back a note for a portion of the purchase price.

This seller carry back note, is frequently secured by the property being sold.

Sometimes takers will have a note that they carried back on the sale of other property.

They may be willing to assign this note to you instead of all or part of a cash down payment.

Takers often have significant equity in property they own.

They may be willing to write a note secured by a mortgage on their property in your favor.

This note could become a partial or full down payment on the property you wish to sell.

For every cash buyer for your property, there are probably 5 to 15 takers who would take your property if they could use a mortgage note(s) instead of a cash down payment.



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