_______________________________________   ________________________________________


___________________________________________________ and

Seller: John Doe  of 1234 Mayberry Ave  
Miami Beach, Fl.  33139

In consideration of the payments, covenants, agreements and conditions herein contained the above parties hereby agree to lease with an option to purchase the following property:

Subject Property Address: 1234 W.  123rd  Ave   Miami, Fl. 33041    

Legal Description: Lot 2, Block 4 of DRIFTWOOD ACRES
NO. 5, according to the Plat
thereof as recorded in Plat Book 49, Page 17 of the Public Records of
Dade County, Florida

together with the following items, if any: permanently installed heating, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, appliances including stove, oven, dishwasher, washer & dryer, lighting fixtures, fans, and other fixtures permanently attached to the property. All of the included items, together with the real property and improvements, shall be referred hereafter as the "SUBJECT PROPERTY".


Term of lease and option is 2 years (24 months) beginning April 1, 2008.

Monthly Payment  $1,475.00 due on the 1st day of each month beginning April 1, 2008
(A late payment after the 10th of the month will be $100.00)

Purchase Price $146,250.00, additional option consideration includes:

1.     $3,500.00 down payment

 * PLEASE NOTE:  $150.00 per month will go towards purchase price

Other conditions.


1.      MAINTENANCE: The buyers shall assume all responsibilities relating to the property (Electric, water, maintenance and pay for all repairs.

2.      MONTHLY PAYMENTS INCLUDE, TAXES AND INSURANCE: Buyer shall be responsible for keeping all utilities paid and in good standing during the terms of this agreement.

3.      ADDITIONS & IMPROVMENTS:  Shall be approved by Seller

4.     AS IS CONDITION:  Buyer agrees to enter into this contract with property "As Is"

5.     TRANSFER OF TITLE: In the event buyer chooses to exercise their option to purchase, before the completion of the terms of this contract they will notify the seller and within 15 days of receipt of such notice, seller agrees to convey good and marketable title, free from all encumbrances except those that buyer's wishes to take title subject to. Seller further agrees to furnish an owner's title binder within 15 days after receiving notice, showing no exceptions other than as listed above, and furnish a policy of title insurance at closing.

6.      DAMAGES: In the event buyer fails to perform, seller will be entitled to recover all monies paid on this agreement, and may pursue all other legal remedies available. Buyer will be responsible for all costs including a reasonable attorney's fee. In the event buyer fails to exercise the option, all option consideration and monies paid will be forfeited as full-liquidated damages.

7.      RECORDING: All parties agree that this agreement or a memorandum including any parts of their agreement acceptable to the buyer may be recorded.

The undersigned agree to buy and sell on the above terms, have-read, fully understand and verify the above information as being correct. All parties acknowledge that this is a legally binding contract and are advised to seek the counsel of an attorney.


Buyer(s) _______________________________________________________________

Buyer(s) _______________________________________________________________


Seller(s) _______________________________________________________________

Seller(s) _______________________________________________________________

John Doe  of 1234 Mayberry Ave  
Miami Beach, Fl.  33139

               Telephone             305-555-5555

               Email:  ________________________________         



STATE OF:   Florida           COUNTY OF:  Dade 

Before me personally appeared __________________________________before me well known and known to me to be the person described in and who executed the foregoing instrument, and acknowledged to and before me that he executed said instrument for the purposes therein expressed.

WITNESS my hand and official seal in the State and County aforesaid, this          day

of                           2010

(SEAL)      ___________________________

Notary Public

State of ____________________

My Commission Expires:

  Example of a Lease Purchase Contract



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