All negotiations involve commonality and conflict; you can't have one without the other.

You always start with what you have in common, this gain a rapport with the other person. 

Meet with them at their place of business or home, take notice of the pictures they have, books, and magazines, etc. it give you a good idea what interests them, remember people are interested in themselves and what is in their best interest. 

Find out what the other person is looking for and if it works out for you, then and only then will you be in a position to put together a meaningful solution.

Keep jokes out of the conversation, what you think is funny may be very insulting to the other party, just be a people person not a comedian. 

Try to get the other person or persons to talk as much as possible, ask questions rather than give answers.

Again obtain as much information as possible and try to find out what they are looking to receive and why.

You want to effectively listen to the other person, and show them that you're listening to them. 

Don't argue with the other person, don't try to prove them wrong or foolish, uninformed or not technically adept, do not be judgmental. 

Remember you're trying to put a deal together, so would you rather be right or put the deal together.

Most people have problems negotiating when they try to put everything on the table at once, take on the smallest issues first, save what is most important to you later. 

You  want the other person to invest their time into the process, this takes patience, but once people invest a lot of time into something the harder it is for them to walk away from the deal. 

The more energy people expend in pursuit of what their looking for the more desirable it becomes.

Benjamin Franklin says, " When one has so many different people with different opinions to deal with in a new affair, one is obliged sometimes to give up some smaller points in order to obtain the greater."

See yourself as a problem solver.

Ask yourself, how can we work this out in a way that is profitable to everyone.

Work together, try to figure out what the underlying concerns, interests and needs are, and figure out a solution, which provides to be a win, win, win for everyone.

See negotiating as a game -- one of the reasons we do poorly in negotiations, is we get too emotionally involved, and we do poorly. 

Every time you go into a negotiation, you should think in terms of alternatives and options.

See negotiating as a game, but a game best played as one of addition, and not subtraction or exclusion.

In the world of negotiating, being the smartest person in the room will prove to be detrimental to the process.

Ask question from the other person, very interesting things happen when you make up new rules and be creative in your thinking. 

t is not the way it's always done. 

If it's not broke, break it. 

Decisions are not going to be made purely based upon facts or figures or even history.

It takes time for people to get used to a new idea. 

When you bombard others with the facts, figures and statistics -- they'll still find reasons why they're not going to do what you want.

It has nothing to do with facts or figures, if you want people to buy what you propose, you have to allow time for them to get used to a new idea, it is not based on fact alone.

It's based on how people feel, do they trust you, do they trust the idea.

                                           Always work with motivated people.                          

 Negotiating is a Game


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