Advantage to Seller Financing


Present Condition - As an investor you have purchased a single family house at an excellent price, and now you are in the process of selling to a new buyer.

In today's market the lenders rules are very restrictive, keeping potential buyers from purchasing a home.

You have a buyer that is willing to give you your price, has a small down payment, and you feel very comfortable working with the buyer.

Possible Resolution – Seller Finance:  You create Mortgage Note that works best for both of you. 


The sales price was $165,000  - $10,000 down payment

Principle $155,000.00    Interest 7.5%    Term 30 year     Payment  $1,084.00

Benefit to Buyer – Buyer purchases a home with a smaller amount of down payment.

Not having to go to a lender with all of the restrictive rules the lenders have.

Also allows the buyer to spend more money on their new home.

Benefits to You – You have a buyer that will provide you with several opportunities to make your investment successful.

You have created a Mortgage Note that has a face value of $155,000.00 

You can do many things with this note, you can use it for a down payment on another piece of property.

You can use it an option, you can exchange for anything of value, or pieces of anything of value that add up, balancing the equities. 

You can sell the note for cash now, you can sell part of the note giving you cash or something of value for the payments you sell

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