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 Donate Your Real Estate to "Real Estate for Education Charitable Network"

A donation of property to Real Estate for Education Charitable Network can prove to be the best alternative to selling, due to the quick liquidation of assets, numerous tax breaks, and of course the opportunity to benefit charitable causes and families in need. The hand that gives, gathers.

Selling Unwanted or Non-Producing Property
Using a Better Alternative

In many circumstances, selling is not ideal for unproductive property due to the many costs involved that outweigh the actual property worth. Because of this, many people hold on to idle real estate for lack of a better alternative, continue paying taxes, maintenance and upkeep costs, state and city fines, etc, without ever seeing any return on your investment.
Real Estate for Education Charitable Network can offer you the solution to this problem


Holding onto property that fails to yield annual revenue?
Do you wish that you could be enjoying a generous tax savings?

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Real Estate for Education Charitable Network accepts real estate donations anywhere in the  United States and abroad,
and uses your donation to provide scholarships to worthy students, who otherwise would never have the chance to be all
they can be.
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What To Look For In A  Charity When You Donate Real Estate

The decision to donate real estate is commendable. A charitable donation of real estate solves many problems and difficulties for both the donor (property owner) and the charity, as well as the  many people that are supported by the proceeds or use of the donated real estate. The charities that accept and handle real estate donations are quite diverse, though, and when you donate real estate you need to be sure that you are dealing with a worthy, reputable agency.

What Makes A Worthy Charity For Real Estate Donation?

A Real estate donation is as complex as any transfer of real estate ownership. Obviously, legal professionals must be involved, as well as a variety of other  professionals, including real estate professionals and appraisers. The process  is far too involved for the average charity to manage on their own, and often any attempts to do so wind up in a failed donation or a donation process that costs thousands of dollars in fundraising profits that could be going to the recipient charity.

Certain characteristics can help identify a charity that is both skilled and worthy of receiving your donated real estate. Characteristics of such a charity would  be, professional volunteer staff so that thousands are not wasted on  the fees of
overpaid professionals

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           Worthy Students