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Mission Statement
Real Estate for Education Charitable Organization

Real Estate for Education Charitable Network Provide scholarships to worthy students

Receive donations, marketing those donations, using the profits to provide scholarships to students to further their education.

Donations will be marketed in many creative methods.  In the process of these creative methods everyone involved will be educated, by opening their minds to many out of the box experiences.

Those involved in the ownership of these properties will profit financially and spiritually.

 Real Estate for Education Charitable Organization will use the profits from the marketing of these donations, by providing scholarships to worthy students in various fields of endeavor.  These students will participate in the mentoring program the nonprofit has in place.  This mentoring program will be available to all of the participants in this entire process  Those who donate, those who purchase the donations, the students who receive scholarships.

Committed to Helping those in need

Real Estate for Education Charitable Network is committed to helping those worthy students who otherwise may not
have the possibilities to further their education and become all they can be.
                                           Social responsibility, Education, and service to those in need.

Our organizations members are drawn from every ethnic and cultural background, age group, and economic level.
They are united in a spirit of charity and service while adhering to our mission:

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The education of worthy students, fostering morality, promoting excellence, and ethical values.
Continuing the development of charitable programs and causes by continued granting of assistance through donations of real property and other valuable assets, by maximization of these charitable donations to the benefit of others.

                   Start practicing the Law of Giving and Receiving
               and watch your life become abundant and joyful


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