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     Who Should Donate?

            • Those that want to help worthy students to attain success
            • Anyone that desires an IRS tax write-off
            • Uninsured catastrophes
            • Businesses with abandoned properties
            • Fully depreciated properties

                                             Current Market Value Tax Deduction Possibilities

            • No Income, Capital Gain, Inheritance or Estate Taxes
            • Create a Life Estate - Attain Personal Financial Goals
            • Education, Arts, Multipurpose Community Services
            • Youth Development            
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           Worthy Students




Donating property to Real Estate for Education Charitable Organization is designed to make the process of transforming real estate or other valuable assets for the education of worthy students as simple as possible.  Real Estate for Education Charitable Organization will guide you through each step along the way, while serving as the single contact point between you and the charities. Our real estate professionals can get you started immediately.
Just contact us by phone (786-326-4747) e-mail ( ,
or fill out our online form to initiate the giving process.

After the initial contact, our real estate professionals will schedule an appointment to review your property. This preliminary inspection is simply to determine the condition of the physical property itself, inside and out. Based on this inspection, we will then make the decision to move forward with the donation process.

Upon the decision to proceed with the donation, the next step is to send you a donation package, which consists of the following documents:
If there is more than one owner of the property,
or the property is owned by a  married couple,
all parties must be present to sign the documents

A. Quit claim deed
B. Warranty claim deed
C. Donation agreement
D. Declaration of the deed and gift

When the donation package is signed and completed, our real estate professionals will schedule a full inspection that includes a thorough evaluation of the property along with everything associated with it including all books and records, as well as the title commitment.

After the completion of the full inspection, we will make a recommendation to Real Estate for Education Charitable Organization regarding the real estate gift. At this point, all properties are immediately insured for fire and liability to protect you and Real Estate for Education Charitable Organization .

From there, we can assist you in finalizing the transaction in a timely and efficient manner. We continuously work hard to make the property donation process easy for all of our generous corporate and individual donors.

Real Estate for Education Charitable Organization, understands, you may have many questions regarding the overall procedure.  Please do not hesitate to contact us (786-326-4747) e-mail (

There are numerous reasons to consider donating property to our Real Estate for Education Charitable Organization. Typically, donors have been motivated to give for many reasons including substantial tax deductions, freedom from unwanted or non-producing property holdings, quick turnaround on real estate assets, efficient liquidation of corporate real estate, and ultimately, the ideal way to give a generous gift to advancing the education of worthy students.

What ever your reason, Real Estate for Education Charitable Organization will guide you in your decision to donate.
We help people nationwide in contributing virtually all types of property.
Overall, donating real estate provides a unique opportunity to give back to the community. Be a donor and experience the rewards and benefits of property donation first hand, while giving you the investor or homeowner the freedom of wanting or needing to get out of taxes, maintenance, insurance and all the risk of real estate.


         Transferring Ownership of Stocks and Mutual Funds

When you donate stock or mutual fund shares you have held for more than one year, you may deduct the full current market value of the investment on your tax return and avoid paying capital gains tax on the appreciated value. As an example, let’s suppose your portfolio holds shares of stock you bought five  years ago for $1,000 that are now worth $5,000. When you donate those shares,  you get a deduction of $5,000 and you avoid paying capital gains tax on the $4,000 in appreciated value.

Donate Your Property or other Assets
You Receive a IRS Tax Deduction
Real Estate for Education Charitable Organization
Provides Scholarships to Worthy Students

An Incomparable Way of Liquidating Non-Producing Property
or other Assets.

           Types of Properties & Assets You Can Be  Donate

  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Apartments
  • Commercial
  • Vacant Land
  • Hotels
    Any Type of Land Contract
  • Any Type of Mortgages
  • Properties Subject to Life Estates
    Stocks and Mutual Funds


  • Collectible Donations
    Sports Memorabilia
    Musical Instruments
    Celebrity Memorabilia
    Classic Car Donations
    Coin Collections
    Comic Book Collections
    Collectible Toys
    Art work
    Collectible Antiques