In Wayne's World, you will especially identify with love and peace, having a broader vision dealing with things that grow in nature. The manifestations of LIFE will greatly interest you, particularly sights of such beauties in nature as it opens to the blessings of rain in the afternoon or sunrise in the morning. Birds singing, bees buzzing and the rose -- by just being beautiful -- express joy to you by their using a portion of LIFE, of God, even for only a short time.

Not of yourself alone may you do it, but in love, in truth, in honor you may.

Positive changes in our behavior, begin with an awareness that our present behavior is harmful to us and others, together with a strong belief that we need to change that behavior.  We then need to have the determination to change that behavior, and then enthusiastically transform that into action. The effort we put forth and the urgency we give the change will be the determining factor in developing a positive habit.

 In Wayne's World, we keep our hearts singing we see images of the Master's face in the rising and setting of the sun and the loveliness of bright moonlight as it turns everything into the radiance of His glory. We see in rain, storms, everything in nature, even the ugly, painful things in people's lives, as desires for growth and expression rather than as disorders and hate.  We know hope springing anew would spread to all people everywhere if they could become aware of and appreciate this consciousness of life which is ours. For your love of life blesses your associations with those to whom you can do good through your kindness and gentleness to them. You are thereby truly using God in the life He gives you.



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