Welcome to the 12 week exciting workshop scheduled to start the evening of       To be determined
You will have a fantastic experience, learning and enjoying the treasures of South Florida. and learning how to become totally independent through Real Estate

                                          This work shop is for you

      Consider this:

The 80 – 20 Rule   (Actually 10% of the population controls all the wealth)
How Fully Are You Living
Would you like to Become Financially Independent 
Do you believe you can become successful with a one or two day course?

"If you don't design your own life plan, chances
are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess
what they have planned for you? Not much."   Jim Rohn

             For just a $300.00 initial Investment This workshop will give you
               the Opportunity to open doors to the World of your Dreams.

What - A twelve (12) week workshop, which will be interactive, and You will be DOING the Actions not just LEARNING HOW to do them for FUTURE ACTIVITY. 
 "You will be DOING everything in this work shop, not just learning how to do it. 
 Everything will be applied to real world action to make you wealthy, not just teaching theory."

This work shop will show you another way of looking at real estate transactions,
and open doors for you to a new and exciting life style.       Create your dream future.

             Are you are worth more than you are now earning?

Earn while you Learn – All things are created twice (Mental then Physical)

This work shop will show you how to do at least one deal in the 12 week course,
giving you the possibility of earning $10,000.00 - $30,000.00 or more.

The Real Estate market and the World are always changing and so should you. 

Investing in this work shop will show you:

What to do, When to do it, How to do it and Why

Goal Setting – You will learn how to answer the 5 questions of setting a goal

Become proactive - Create the vision for your future

Creative methods to - Locate properties

How to - Analyze properties

Write contracts that produce results (Lease Purchases, Options, Contract for Deed, etc.

Negotiate, giving you the best possible results

Creative financing options  (owner financing, wrap a rounds, assume mortgages, substitution of collateral)

How to Hold Title – Land Trust, LLC, Corp. etc.

Using currency properties to move from one position to another property.

Make huge profits with Foreclosures

What you need to know to perform Short Sales

 ASK = Attitude-Skill-Knowledge  (The 8th Habit by Stephen R. Covey)

Results of participating in this work shop

Leadership skills

Out of the box thinking

Seeing the same thing as everyone else, but see different solutions

Learn to analyze problems

Learn to look for alternative solutions

Learn to execute those solutions

Become aware of all realities

 12 week work shop   3 hours a evening   
Investment - Call - 786-326-4747 or E-mail wagie@wagiesworld.com

   Payment Options - $300.00 to hold a seat
   payment plan optional
(You can use this same idea and principle to close more deals than you thought possible.
We'll cover Buying and Selling Notes in the course)."
A 10% referral fee

When – Starting

Where –
Contact - Wayne H. Wagie   786-326-4747   wagie@wagiesworld.com  
                        (Mentoring and Coaching available)

 Benjamin Franklin -"Take the coins from your purse and empty them into your mind and your mind will fill your purse with gold"

Thank You, Wayne H. Wagie



Speaking engagements available

Personal or group Coaching


wagie@wagiesworld.com www.wagiesworld.com

Wayne H. Wagie - President


The Wonderful World    of Real Estate

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Wayne H. Wagie


  The Wonderful World of Real Estate

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